Welcome to Feed Me Mummy, the home of the new, award winning breastfeeding vest that restricts the view, not your wardrobe. Breastfeed in style while wearing your normal clothes over the Feed Me Mummy vest and it will not only keep your post-pregnancy tummy covered, but it will also keep your chest covered too while you nurse. Breastfeeding shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice your love for fashion, so wear the clothes that you want to, whilst feeding with minimum exposure, and save a fortune on expensive nursing tops. 

A simple design, with no extra clasps to fiddle with, this will hopefully make you feel more relaxed and confident about breastfeeding in public. Have a read of our reviews below and on our testimonials page to see what other mums think. And just in case you're wondering, the mum in the photo is really breastfeeding, so it just shows how discreet it can be! 

And why not check out our baby bibs if you like our logo, they come in a range of great colours.

***STOCK UPDATE*** Times have been hard recently for small businesses like Feed Me Mummy, increased manufacturing costs due to the falling value of the pound have hit companies hard. I've thought very hard about where to go from here, and because of how much lovely feedback I get about the Feed Me Mummy vests it seems a shame to give up so I have placed another order with my manufacturer. I should be back up to normal stock levels in about 4 weeks (about mid Feb). Sadly, I will have to increase the price of the vests to make this viable, so if you want to buy at the current cost then make the most of it while you can! Thanks for all your support, much love, Marianne x