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Harrogate Nursery Fair - March 2014

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So this is my first ever blog.  You’d think I’d use the opportunity to brag about how wonderful my breastfeeding vest is, but no, I’m going to tell you about a bunch of amazing products that I saw at the recent Harrogate Nursery Fair when I exhibited there.  Not only are the products fab, but the people behind them are too and in the short time I have known them (literally a couple of days for some of them) they have been an invaluable source of help, advice and support.

So here are some companies I think you need to take a look at!



If like me, you have a child who thinks washing their hands properly just involves a quick splash with water and nothing more, then you need to take a look at the clever Squidsoap. When children dispense the soap, a small ink mark is applied to their hand which will disappear if hands are washed, so no more 2 second hand washes! They’re a fun design with a bright squid toy which is more interesting for young children than your standard bar of soap!




Cellular blankets are a must-have item when you have a baby and the ladies on the stand next to me at the show were launching a beautiful new cellular blanket in a range of gorgeous colours.  It's not like other cellular blankets on the market, this one is surely the softest you will find and it makes the perfect gift.  Keep an eye on their website for when it becomes available.



Love Keep Create

I can guarantee that a lot of you have a box or two packed with all those baby clothes that you just can’t bear to get rid of, those extra special ones that really hold special memories of your little ones.  Well instead of just keeping them in a box in the loft, why not have them made into beautiful keepsakes by LoveKeepCreate? They make lovely animals or blankets and they can also turn daddy’s old shirt into a lovely dress or shirt for your little one!

 Charlie Arrow Monkey-2   Pink Dragon Original Small



These are lovely pram shoes that offer more than just your average baby shoes.  They are fun, colourful, interactive and keep babies entertained!  They’re designed to stimulate babies’ senses and makes them want to reach out and touch them.


Creeper Crawlers

I wish these Creeper Crawler playsuits had been around when my youngest started to crawl.  We have wooden floors and she was always slipping and sliding everywhere, really struggling to get enough grip to properly crawl.  These suits are fab because they are designed to give babies traction to help them crawl more easily!




Another great idea, available very soon, are these reusable food pouches for feeding your baby while out and about.  They're dishwasher safe, ecological and really handy if you want to take your home-made purees out with you.  Also great for putting in snacks like yoghurt or smoothies for older children.  They have a resealable zipper at the bottom for easy filling.  Less mess and less hassle while feeding on the go! 




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  1. Michelle

    Marianne - Daisy & I were so lucky to have you as a neighbour at our first baby show, not only do you have an invaluable product for me as a breast feeding mummy but you are so very lovely, helpful & gave us some fabulous tips! Adoring your first blog post & Thank you for the mention

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  2. Marianne

    Thank you for your lovely comments! I can't guarantee my next posts will be any good though!! :-) xx

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  3. Angela

    Your blog is fabulous , now I want to hear about the vest. I'm too old to have a child , not to mention breast feed. But I mix with them and I need to keep up to date. What a lovely unselfish blog , . I think you are wort following xxx

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  4. Pippa Ainsworth

    Lovely to see you at Harrogate, and congratulations on your first blog post!

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  5. Melanie

    You are right all these products and people were brilliant including yourself and your breast feeding vest. I am sure we will meet again soon keep up the hard work. Looking forward to your next post xx

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