About Us


The idea for the Feed Me Mummy breastfeeding vest came about after I had my second baby.  With my first, breastfeeding sadly didn’t go as well as I’d hoped and had to stop sooner than I wanted to, but with my second it was going well and I realised I had to start looking for some decent breastfeeding clothes.  I was horrified at how expensive breastfeeding clothes were, with even simple vests at extortionate prices.  With all the other expenses that come with having a young family, the last thing I was prepared to do was spend a fortune on a new wardrobe when in reality, I didn’t know how long I was going to breastfeed for.  Also, because I felt quite nervous about breastfeeding in public, I wanted something that would cover me in all the right places so not to feel exposed at all.

After a lot of experimenting and help from a great group of breastfeeding mums, I came up with the Feed Me Mummy vest, a simple design, to wear under your normal clothes, which not only covers your post-pregnancy belly but also covers your chest while feeding so not to feel exposed at all. I hope the vest gives you more confidence to feed in public as it did with me and of course making it more affordable too!   As well as the vest, if you like our logo, why not get a cute little bib for your baby too!

I run Feed Me Mummy by myself, from processing orders, marketing, website updates, social media.. (the list goes on!) whilst trying to juggle being mum to two young children, so please do bear with me if I can't answer the phone straight away! 

Marianne x