Welcome to the Feed Me Mummy Blog! I've never blogged before so I'm not really sure what I'm doing but thought it might be nice to have this space to write down any news or stuff that might be of interest :-) 

Awards & other news!

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I’ve not blogged in AGES! I’ve had quite a chaotic 6 months or so which included the summer holidays and a house move so the blog has kind of taken a back seat. 

A few things have happened in terms of Feed Me Mummy recently too which I must tell you about!


You may remember me telling you about being shortlisted for the Loved By Parents Awards a while back.  Well I’m thrilled to say the Feed Me Mummy Vest got two SILVER awards for Best Feeding Top and Best Product for Breastfeeding.  This was an improvement on last year’s Bronze awards so thank you so much for voting!


The vest was also shortlisted for two more awards – The Baby & Toddler Gear Awards and the coveted Mother & Baby Awards and ended up getting the Bronze baby & Toddler Gear Awards in the Breastfeeding Clothes category!  



These awards mean to much as the vests are tested by mums just like you so it really makes all the hard work worth it when I know breastfeeding mums truly do love my design!

New stock

A few months ago, the white vests became available in sizes XL (16-18) and XXL (18-20) which means the Combo is also available in these sizes.  With such a great range of sizes now available, it gives lots more mums the chance to use their normal clothes to breastfeed with a Feed Me Mummy vest underneath.


Anyway, must dash, I have the school run to do shortly!





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