Wondering whether you'll find the vest useful? Check out what some of the mums who have used it think: 

'The vest is amazing! Louisa feeds a lot with it being hot so the vest is perfect.' Tweet from Paralympian Dame Sarah Storey!

'This is easily the simplest, most genius top I have had the pleasure of nursing in...I'm so impressed with this breastfeeding top; and I've tried nearly every shirt there is for this purpose and ended up throwing each one away.  This is a keeper for me.  Thank you Feed Me Mummy; you certainly know your apples when it comes to feeding..' Sara-Jayne, for Monster Mummies - find the whole review on our news page

'It made a drastic improvement to my breastfeeding experience. The design is really easy to use and didn't leave me feeling exposed at all. I was sad when it had to go in the wash!' Jen, Manchester.

'The tops are fab, and what a good idea to wear them under your pjs to make the chilly night feeds much better' Jessica, Rutland.

'I found the vest really comfortable and it gave me more confidence to breastfeed in public' Liz, Didsbury.

'Our favourite thing about this vest is the fact that there are no extra clips, as far as we are concerned that is a huge bonus when you already have the clips of a feeding bra to contend with! The vest is really comfy and is long enough to hide all those saggy bits you want to hide away after the birth! Breastfeeding can be tricky to begin with, especially if you are doing it for the first time and breastfeeding in public can take some time to get used to so you want to purchase products to make life easier and we think this vest is one of those products!' Review from Mummy Fever

'The moment I put it on I was impressed how soft and comfy the vest was and how the lycra element actually sucked my post-baby wobbly bits too! It was easy to use with the flap across the vest for easy access and it basically delivered all that it promised! If you are a breastfeeding mum I would highly recommend getting yourself one' Michelle Thompson, Mummy & Me Magazine Founder

"I found this top really comfy and plenty long enough up cover my post pregnancy tummy. I love this breastfeeding top and have just ordered 2 more as I can see I will want to wear one every day for the foreseeable future! Perfect!' Bethan, for TheBabyWebsite.com

'I am so pleased I ordered 2. Would highly recommend them to any nursing mum. No more hiding away feeds for us, amazing discreet breastfeeding vests. Given me a new confidence this week and I can now feed where I want. I live in mine, the best investment I have ever made clothing wise. Highly recommended :-)' Tracy, first time mum. 

'trying out another breastfeeding vest by they are so practical. Hope The Baby Show NEC was a success :)' Tweet from model & fitness guru Nell McAndrew